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I fell in love with Baltimore during our three and a half months there. We were in a great location with downtown and the inner harbor in easy walking distance. What a treat it was to live in a downtown area. Everything was so unusual and I'm not sure whether it's because it's the downtown area or because it's north of the Mason/Dixon Line. 

We couldn't have asked for a better view than the one we had at the Harborview Marina. 

These pictures of The Pride of Baltimore, taken from our dock ( lower left corner of picture on right), is an example of the beautiful sights we enjoyed daily. Despite the blue water in these pictures, the water IS NOT blue in the Chesapeake. The reason it looks blue in pictures is one of those "scientific explanation" things, I'm told.


Federal Hill, with its row-houses, neighborhood bars, cafes & shops, was our backyard. Lest you think these are part of the low-rent-district, we saw a "For Sale" sign on one today. Asking price is $249K. Plus they suggested that anything below $300K was a real steal.

We took several long walks around this neighborhood. It was so delightful! There may be a shop of some sort next door to a house, next door to a dentist's office, next door to another house, next to a bar.  One thing was common on most every block - a bar on the corner. In the afternoon the stoops and sidewalks were filled with folks of all ages. Apparently, the people that don't make it to the corner pub, socialize with their neighbors just the same. 

Cross Street Market is an example of the unusual shopping available. Inside, the market is one large open area; it's like an open air market indoors. There are produce stands, meat counters, florist, bakeries, a drug counter, fish counters, plus a couple of seafood and deli counters for lunch and a "cold" one. We enjoyed walking through just to see the activity, although we didn't do any shopping there.   

I complained so much about the price of beer in The Bahamas, I must tell you how cheap it was in Baltimore. We actually bought a case of Miller Lite (once), on sale, for $9.99. 

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