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We had hoped to escape some of the Florida & Georgia heat by heading to South Carolina. After all, everyone knows how cool the Carolinas are.

Beaufort, SC was a cute little town but impossible to enjoy because of the heat. We anchored out and took the dinghy into the free dinghy dock. It was a beautiful walk along the waterfront park and historic section of town. Beaufort is definitely on our list to visit again in cooler weather.

We moved on to Charleston hoping for some relief from the heat. We picked up a mooring ball at the City Marina. The waterfront was disappointing since there was nothing close enough to walk to. The Pussers Restaurant we were looking forward to was closed and the whole building deserted. A hurricane filled in part of the marina with silt a few years ago and no one has bothered to clean it out. So at low tide you had yards and yards of muddy yuck to look at. 

The fee ($20.00/night) included use of the marina facilities. These facilities turned out to be so inconvenient we didn't even bother checking them out. We did use the dinghy dock but it was a joke. It was a long & choppy ride to get to the very small dock.

Then you had to drive under a floating walkway and fight the other dinghies to find space to tie up. At high tide you had to lay down in the dinghy and work your way under the walk in order to accomplish this feat. 

The day we arrived in Charleston, the heat index was 111. After one miserable night, we decided to abandon ship.


Hendersonville, NC
We had been planning to visit Aunt Margie along our route and decided it was a good time to do so. We rented a  car and drove to Hendersonville, NC for a three day visit. Not only did we get to enjoy Margie's great company, the temperature was in the low 80's.

On our return to Charleston, the weather was quite pleasant. We purchased a one day trolley pass to tour the historical section of town. It was none too impressive. In fact, there was nothing about Charleston that would lure us back. Perhaps our dislike was "baked in our brain" by the heat upon our arrival because everyone we've talked to has loved Charleston. 

Oriental, NC
Oriental is wonderful little fishing town, and one of our very favorite stops. We only took short walks or stayed around the marina but we met some really nice folks there.

Coinjock, NC
Midway Marina has only a few slips but quite a bit of space along the bulkhead. We tied along the bulkhead. The area is nice despite the construction going on. There is a small but nice pool. Lots of work has been done on the landscaping and it will be nice to see when finished. We enjoyed a walk around the town on the south side of the Albemarle & Chesapeake Canal. We thought about using the marina's courtesy car for dinner on the opposite side of the canal.  There the Coinjock Restaurant offers a 32 ounce steak. We just weren't that hungry; I don't think we've ever been that hungry.

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