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After motor sailing for over 30 hours, we arrived at the Panama City channel too early to see the markers. It had been a great day and night with smooth waters. We had handled our individual watches quite well and didn't feel too fatigued. Even though the wind was from the wrong direction, conditions were just too good to wait around for daylight. After all you can't have everything; so we headed for Apalachicola. 

We managed to get breakfast and showers and then it hit. 15-20 knot winds began beating on us and the seas started pitching and rolling.  It was a thoroughly miserable day and a never ending night. I barely made it through my watch even with Otto driving and Bonine helping to control my seasickness.

At some point the captain decided, much to my disappointment, that we would head to Dog Island instead of Apalachicola. We arrived at 8:30 a.m., 46 hours after leaving Pensacola. We were dead tired and the bed was wet. (Yes, I know, I should have secured the plant better.) We dropped anchor, fell exhausted onto the settees and slept for several hours. 

Dog Island is one of Florida's barrier islands.  It can be reached only by boat. It is everything that an island should be - sand dunes, miles long white sandy beaches, birds, dolphins, crabs, shells, and enough trees and other vegetation to add contrast to the landscape. Even though there are a few homes, none were occupied while we were there. There is an Inn on one of the points but we were far away from that. It is truly a terrific getaway place.

It is quite a chore to get the dinghy and motor on and off the davits. This was one place that made it well worth the effort. Escapades is anchored in the background.

There were many very shallow areas around Dog Island. We even managed to run the dinghy aground.

Miles of beautiful white beaches invited long walks, playing in the sand, and splashing in the cool, clear water.

Hiking across the dunes provided additional photo-ops but we forgot the camera on that adventure.

Happy Hour is always a favorite time but
this one was really special.
We didn't set out to collect shells.
These were just laying there asking to be taken.
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