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Allan's Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

There were thirtyone iguanas that came to the beach to greet us on our arrival. The story goes that they hear the dinghies and thinking they will be fed, rush to the beach. Supposedly, they are harmless.

As much as I tried convincing myself that these creatures wouldn't hurt me, I still couldn't get the nerve to get out of the dinghy.



Norman Cay to Warderick Wells

January 30, 2002

High winds at Norman Cay made for another uncomfortable anchorage, but it was a great day of sailing from there to the next anchorage. After making the turn into the wind to head toward Warderick Wells, Bob discovered that the raw water pump had stopped working. That meant that we couldn't run the engine for long without it overheating. Bob worked on the pump awhile, we sailed & tacked awhile, we tried the engine awhile, Bob worked on the pump some more, and so on. All that without making much progress. We finally dropped the anchor to give the engine time to cool off. That is one of the great things about the Bahamas - you can anchor almost anywhere in 10-15 feet of water.

The boat rule on Escapades is "You can have your first cocktail only after the anchor is down." Well, the anchor was down, then it was up while we ran the engine, then it was down again. After the anchor went down three or four times, we didn't much care if we made it to Warderick Wells or not. Later, Bob rigged the air conditioning water pump to cool the engine until we were able to get someplace to get a new one.

Warderick Wells, Bahamas

January 31 - February 2, 2002

Warderick Wells is a great place to stop. The anchorage was too rolly for me but nothing like many of the miserable anchorages we endured. We anchored close to shore with some part of the island or rocks on three sides. There were small bluffs/big rocks and with lots of green brush - beautiful.

There are moorings maintained by Exumas Park but the ones available didn't look to offer any more protection than we had. There is some sort of work program that you can get into at the Park office that gives you a mooring in exchange for labor. I think the pay probably comes out to something like $2.00/hr or less. It was a little too hot for working.


The Shaggy Dog Trail is a must do. It is a nice walk with unusual scenery. At the top of Boo-boo Hill you will find beautiful views and a real blow hole that can take you by surprise.

If you want to ensure that you will return to Warderick Wells, leave a boat memento at the "cruisers" spot. We didn't leave one because the Exumas haven't been a real fun place for us.



Blackpoint Settlement

February 3, 2002

We went to Lorraine's Restaurant for a Super Bowl Party. $10.00/person for the typical Bahamian food - chick peas, rice and several kinds of meat that could have been anything. We met a few other cruisers there and enjoyed swapping stories while watching the Patriots beat the Rams 20-17.


Blackpoint Settlement to Georgetown

February 4, 2002

The going was too slow to make Georgetown in daylight so we decided to stop at Rat Cay for the night. Absolutely the worst anchorage yet. It was impossible to sleep because of all the jerking. I couldn't wait until daylight so we could head out. What a disappointment when Bob said it was too rough. I knew he was right because I could see the water blowing up over the boulders but still I cried. The day was just as miserable as the night. There wasn't anything we could do but be miserable. The next day was better but still very rough. We decided to take a chance. It was a very hard day pounding into the waves. It felt like heaven when we made it into the calm, sheltered anchorage at Georgetown. We arrived in Georgetown just as Alexus and Pegasus had moved out of the anchorage to stage for their departure the next day. We decided to join them there, had a great reunion and dinner. This was the first time we had seen them since Baltimore.

February 6-14, 2002

Georgetown is the last stop for many cruisers. Of the 400+ boats in the anchorage while we were there, only a few seemed to be headed down island. It's a pretty good place to stay and we were able to order the much needed water pump.

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