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Adventures Aboard Escapades 2000-2002


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How It Began

During much of the 80's we enjoyed sailing on Lake Lewisville (Dallas area) on a 16' Hobie Catamaran. It was a great escape from the everyday pressures of life. When it would come time to pack up the Hobie and head for home we would find ourselves talking about "sailing off into the sunset" someday. It was a dream I left behind as our children grew up and moved out of the house, but Bob continued to dream. 

I was quite surprised one day, several years later, when he came home and asked what I thought about him selling his '58 Porsche Speedster and '73 911S to buy a boat. He wasn't talking about a run-around-the-lake boat but a for real live-aboard cruising boat. There have been many times during our adventures that I would like to have had an opportunity to answer that question again. 

We purchased Rainbow's End, a 41 foot sailboat, in 1998. We later renamed her Escapades. The two years that followed were spent in preparation for beginning our cruising life. We were so busy during that time that there wasn't much chance to get cold feet. It was only after the house, furniture, and most of our possessions were sold in July, 2000, that I started asking myself if we had lost our minds. I'm sure family and friends had already wondered that. 

It has been said that the hardest part of cruising is the actual casting off of the lines from the dock. After several delays, we finally managed to do just that. On March 21, 2001 we left Waterford Harbor Marina in Kemah, Texas aboard Escapades.

We've tried to capture some of our adventures in words and pictures as we've made our way from Texas to more ports than we can name. It has indeed been an adventure of a lifetime and we've been blessed to experience it. Thank you for letting us share it with you.