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Ft. Lauderdale - Home of the megayachts.

Never have we seen so many big, beautiful yachts in one location. The ones not tied up in the marinas were tied along the private piers in the "backyard" of beautiful  homes.

Some of these yachts were from foreign countries but most bore Florida registration.


We stayed at the Hall of Fame marina for one week. I wouldn't give it a very high rating overall but it did have one thing over every marina we've stayed in - phone hookups at each slip.  Not just phone hookups that had to be activated by the phone company, but lines that actually went through the marina switchboard. You could make calls for .50 plus any long distance charge. There was no charge for incoming calls. It was really great connecting to the internet, except for getting disconnected periodically. This would happen every time we used the SSB radio. Even so, a week's worth of surfing, emailing, updating web page, and phone calls was only $9.00.

Taking advantage of the Enterprise weekend special we rented a car while there. They were out of the $9.99/day cars but we still got a really good deal. The car allowed us to easily check out the Blue Water Book Store, Seven Seas Cruising Association, and Sailorman; as well as catch up on provisioning.

Over the years, we've spent a small fortune on mail order from Blue Water and had hoped there may be an advantage to going there in person - there wasn't. We enjoyed visiting with the office staff at SSCA and hearing the tale of how Ft. Lauderdale is trying to replace the cruisers/live aboards with mega-yachts. I didn't want to say so, but if that is their mission, I think they are close to success.

Sailorman was a disappointment. It was very disorganized. New/good stuff was mixed in with the junk. You may be able to find some useful items there but it would take more time than we had to look for it. We have around $350.00 worth of Charts and cruising guides we wanted to recycle. They are all in "new" condition. Sailorman was only willing to pay us $50.00 for the lot, even though the used charts and books they were selling were only a little less than the price for new ones.

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