From The Bottom

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These pictures were actually taken in Ft. Pierce, Florida when we had to have an out-of-water survey for insurance renewal in July 2001. It was a whole day process that ended up costing almost $700.00. 

It is always exciting to watch a boat being pulled from the water. It takes skill and precision that can be scary, especially when its your boat. In this case, the workers first had to move Escapades by hand from a narrow slip into the lift basin. The turn would have been impossible from the helm. The way they used the lines and boat hooks to turn her 180 degrees in a very small area was quite impressive.  

Once the boat was in position in the basin, a huge lift was driven over her along narrow ledges. These ledges were  barely wide enough to accommodate the wheels of the lift. Two straps were then placed in strategic locations around her, she was raised above ground level, and driven to an area where she could be worked on. 

The only thing of real value we received from this expense was a high-pressure bottom wash and new zincs. We also got some neat pictures from the surveyor and it was good to check on the quality of bottom work we had done in May, 2000. 

It was disappointing to see a chipped area on the hull,  indicating that a previous blister was most likely repaired incorrectly. There were also some small blisters in the paint that should not have been there. They are not serious but will need to be taken care of at some point.

Evident were the scratches & chipped paint from some of our "running aground" adventures. The most serious of which was along the ICW in Louisiana when the engine suddenly died. After fixing the problem with the engine, it took top engine power and all four sails to pull us off that grounding.

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