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The Nipper Mobile In Great Iguana Cay met us at the end of this pier and drove us up the bluff for a view of the Atlantic. Fantastic view, and a great fresh water pool to enjoy, but the hamburgers were $10.00 and the beer was $4.75.
Great Iguana Cay is well worth the stop. There are many little shops along the waterfront to check out. Of course you must make it to Nippers. It sits atop a bluff and provides the best beach view we saw in the Bahamas. The reef that can be seen from this site is touted to be the world's third largest barrier reef. That is also the claim made by the folks in Anegada, BVI about the barrier reef surrounding their island. Some research is obviously called for.

We picked up a mooring here for $10.00/night that belongs to Dolphin Beach Resort/Marina. We didn't check to see if the resort facilities were included because the Dolphin Beach was quite a walk from the moorings. The folks at Dolphin Beach were really great though and quick to help when needed.

No matter how much I complained about the heat, Bob couldn't be persuaded to leave the islands. 

Then we ran out of  beer; within three days, we were back in the U.S.A.



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