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The Inner Harbor

Baltimore's inner harbor waterfront is another great place for walking. It has been renovated in recent years and is a great area, despite all the touristy restaurant that have taken over the area. 

You could almost always be guaranteed of a ship in port. The one on the lower right is the NE Brasil. We are assuming the "NE" stands for Naval Escort- definitely Naval something based on the sailors aboard. The Amistad and the Coast Guard Eagle are only some of the ships we saw in port there.

Mid-August to Mid-October was a time when Texans literally invaded the marina. Regrettably, I failed to get a picture of all the Texas flags flying (a habit unique to Texans). During that time, we met again with Texas friends on Pegasus, Alexus, Tenacious, Erin's Child and Meridian. The fun part of that is that none of us had planned the meeting beforehand. It seems we just ended up there. We also met several other fellow Texans for the first time including: Alegria, Pair O' Dice, and Lone Star. One evening we were having cocktails with two other couples when a couple comes by asking: "We saw your Texas flag and were just wondering who is from Texas?" They didn't believe us when we said: "We all are".  

With so much to see and do, it's hard to believe we saw so little in the three months there.  Actually, only the boat was there that long. We made three trips back to Dallas and Houston, two of which were road trips. Bob had work in Houston so I spent that time with my family. It was a great break from the cruising life. We brought a vehicle back to Baltimore and that enabled us to see some of the outlying areas. To see some of those photos click below.

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