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Shell Morgan Fuel Dock in Intracoastal City was certainly not a scenic anchorage. It was however a good place to hole up for the bad weather that moved in during the night. The winds and waves were so high that we stayed an extra day and were very grateful to be secured to the steel bulkhead opposite the office in this picture. They charged $10.00 per night, without electricity, and the diesel was super cheap - .89/gal.

We did have a pretty bad experience in getting tied up here. We had to tie to the bulkhead on the east side of a 50 foot wide basin with an east wind blowing like crazy. Bob & the dock attendant came up with a sure fire plan. Bob would nose into the end of the bulkhead, I would throw the line, and his helper would secure the bow; Bob would throw it in reverse and kick the backend around, nuzzling up to the side of the bulkhead. Such a perfect plan! Unfortunately, the securing worked much better than the throwing or the kicking. We ended up with the bowsprit almost decapitating the dock attendant, one of the new portlights almost in pieces, and a giant (Bob says it's not giant) scratch in our new paint job.