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On our last day in Naples, we enjoyed a nice breakfast ashore and a walk around the City Dock area. We then headed back to the dinghy which was secured to the floating dinghy dock. I had been in and out of the dinghy enough to feel confident in doing so. Bob, ever the gentleman, always takes my hand to help me in. This time the hand didn't help. The dinghy tilted, I lost my balance and went head first into the water. In his effort to keep me from falling, Bob quickly followed. 

I have a real fear of water and am not a strong swimmer. Now, here I am in this who knows how deep water, with this body on top of me. By a Power greater than I, I did not panic and finally came back up. It was obvious that Bob was very concerned about me, because his first words after I emerged were, "Look! I saved my hat".  

I can't imagine what was wrong with me but I had not even wondered about his hat. I was concerned about the digital camera though. Fortunately it  was still secure in the dinghy.

Click photo for larger view.

It is a very nice hat.

There were only about five hundred people on the pier above us observing this spectacle. Several of them began yelling "are you OK?". I just wanted to yell back, "Heck no, you idiot! I'm NOT OK. I'm in this nasty water and I can't get out!". For those of you who think it should have been an easy task, try lifting yourself out of a body of water sometimes. Of course Bob managed to hoist himself out pretty quickly, and I was left flailing in the water by myself. Now, along comes a hero to the rescue. He suggested I try getting back in the dinghy. "Give me a break! You want me to get back on a piece of inflated rubber that just threw me overboard and tried to drown me?" 

By now, the crowd had grown to about six hundred. One guy had the nerve to ask if I was embarrassed. I wasn't. One guy wanted to know if I was cold. I wasn't. I guess he was going to pass me a blanket. I think the captain wanted to leave me where I was but Mr. Hero wanted to drag me out . After what seemed like hours, it was decided they would hoist me out. Trying to be a thoughtful person, I began taking off my shoes and clothes to lighten the load. Bob stopped me before it became too embarrassing.

On the ride back to the boat I realized I had lost my prescription sunglasses (progressive lens) in the water. This is one item I can't do without, especially with the glare of the sun on the water. To replace them would be $300.00 +. That's another story Key West.


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