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Newport, RI

After picking up the rental car in Providence, we headed to Newport/Middletown, Rhode Island. What a marvelous area with so many beautiful things to see!

We spent most of our 2-1/2 days in Newport driving and walking along the seashore, checking out the local spirits and cuisine, and touring mansions built around the turn of the 21st century.



The garden of The Elms

Betty at Rosecliff with the new "summer cottages" in the background.

The mansions in Newport range in size from 30 to 70 rooms but were used as summer residences only. Several of these "summer cottages" were originally owned by the Vanderbilt's. They have been donated to the preservation society in recent years.

All the homes were elaborate and quite tacky, but some had beautiful gardens. We enjoyed the "behind the scenes" tour at The Elms the best. It seems that no household or gardening tasks could be done where it could possibly be viewed  by guests. Even the delivery entrances were hidden. It was interesting to see how the servants accomplished the daily tasks without being seen.

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