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Of all the places we've been, Norfolk, Virginia is without a doubt our favorite so far. Perhaps it was the weather. The temperature didn't get above 74 degrees in the four days we spent there. Some evenings we had to put on long sleeves because of the chill. We thought we had reached heaven but found out that it was just unusual weather. It's usually in the 90's with humidity to match.

The Waterside Marina is in the downtown area alongside a nice waterfront park.  There are restaurants & shopping galore, including W.T. Brownley, which specializes in marine charts and publications.  There is a free shuttle that will take you to the grocery store during the week. We missed that, but had a delightful visit with the folks at Downtown Provisioning, where we were able to get most of the groceries we needed. They are quite small but carry a nice variety of items.  Across the street from them is a bakery that has the most heavenly European pastries.

There is a ferry to Portsmouth for 75 cents and a Kinko's a block away that will let you plug-in your laptop without a charge. In addition to walking the beautiful downtown streets & parks we enjoyed watching the Coast Guard flagship, Eagle, pull into the dock.

The Eagle is a training ship and is also used as a recruiting enticement. Note the cadets all up the rigging in this picture.

Click on photo for a side view of The Eagle.

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