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Gulf Islands National Seashore and beyond.

Ship Island, MS

This is a beautiful island with white sandy beaches. The center attraction for most is Fort Massachusetts. For us it was the beautiful birds that enjoyed pizza with us and the dolphins swimming along beside the boat. 

We were on our fourth attempt to anchor when the birds first appeared. They were black with red under the wings. I was so excited when they landed because we hadn't seen birds since leaving Texas. I began yelling at Bob to make sure he had seen them. About that time, I spotted the dolphins. With the anchor still swinging, I began earnestly yelling to get Bob's attention.  He began yelling back that I needed to drop the anchor. A quick glance toward the cockpit convinced me that I could either drop the anchor or swim with the dolphins. I chose the former.

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Horn Island, MS

More white sandy beaches on this uninhabited island, (except for the park rangers). We were greeted by the ranger who wanted to know if we would be "camping" for the night. If so, he thought we would want to take the "skiff" down and check out the island. We did.

Part of the island is closed to protect the nesting ospreys. We were able to watch activity in one of the nests through the binoculars.

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Horn Island deserves a visit if you have time.


Dauphin Island, AL

There are probably better anchorages on this island than the one we chose. We faced the ticky-tacky beach houses that probably cost a fortune. A very uncomfortable night with the rolling.

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