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Mayaguana, Bahamas to Provo, Caicos

Georgetown, Bahamas provided a nice, calm, protected anchorage. The first one after leaving Georgetown was another miserable anchorage. There was very little sleeping because of all the jerking.

We had planned to head to Rum Cay but at that point we just wanted out of the Bahamas. What a great choice because we heard Pegasus (Mark & Jane) & Alexus (Dave & Sandy) on the radio. Turns out they had left Rum Cay and were only five or so miles ahead of us. Escapades finally caught up with them and we all spent the night and next day at sea, mostly under sail. How good to hear familiar voices in the night and spot familiar boats during the day. All boats arrived safely at Mayaguana, Bahamas around 4:00 p.m. The plan was to settle down for a few hours sleep and then another overnighter to Provo, Caicos. There wasn't much sleeping for anyone because of all the motion. At 11:00p.m. we all headed out.

The problem leaving the anchorage was that we were surrounded by coral heads. Alexus led the way with Escapades second in line and Pegasus behind us. My instructions from the captain were to go to the bow of the boat, shine a spotlight into the water, and yell back if I saw any coral heads. The spotlight is very heavy and it takes some doing to keep it from reflecting off the stainless pulpit, all the while hanging over the bow sprit & holding onto a bouncing rail with one hand. I couldn't see anything at all in the water but like a good first mate I stayed there waiting for the captain to give the all clear.  I kept switching the spotlight from hand to hand as my arm would tire too much to support it any longer. I waited and waited  for Bob to say it's ok to come back to the cockpit. AND I still couldn't see a damn thing in that water. I noticed that there was no spotlight on Alexus' bow but there was one on Pegasus.

There comes a point when common sense finally takes over. "I can't see anything and even if I could, it would be way too late to stop the boat. So why am I hanging out here like this?" I came stomping back to the cockpit to give the captain a piece of my mind but thought I'd better wait until we were clear of coral heads.

In Provo, I ask Jane if she could see anything during that futile exercise. She admitted she couldn't but since we were doing it, they thought maybe it was the thing to do. Bob just grinned and admitted that it wasn't one of his better ideas; but, he says, had I signaled in time, it would have given him time to brace himself before we hit the coral.

We arrived Provo, Caicos dead tired after three nights of little to no sleep. After clearing customs, we spent the day resting, eating, napping, and cleaning. The next day we were able to contract a taxi/van for an island tour. That is one of the nicest things about traveling with others - you can afford to do that. After the tour, we did some shopping, had a nice lunch, then decided there wasn't much to see or do in Provo, and  began planning our departure. Unfortunately,  weather conditions kept us there for a couple of more days.

Provo is not a place we would choose to go back to and certainly not by boat. The best thing about it was spending time with friends on Pegaus and Alexus and meeting new friends, Kathy & Charlie, on My Time Too.


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