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Shell Island

March 10, 2005

N 29

Very calm, quiet anchorage. Magnificent Sunrise.


Calcasieu River

March 11, 2005

Anchorage: N 30008.317, W093019.047 (approximate)

The current was really on our side coming into the river. We dropped the hook at 12:45 - less than 6 hours of motoring. We could have made it sooner but were held back waiting for a bridge opening at noon. We had called the day before to request the opening. The Ellender Bridge requires a 4 hour notice; luckily they hailed us at 11:30 to come on through.

Calcasieu River was very calm anchorage but quite noisy. There is a barge loading dock not far from it. Just the noise of their engines is enough to distract you. The breeze was nice and no insects - but it may be too early for insects.

Calcasieu Lock

Yes, these birds are actually pink, flamingos, I think. What an unusual sight to see them take flight just as we were going through the lock.


Mermentau River

March 12, 2005

Anchorage: N 29059.389, W092047.105 (approximate)

This was a quite secluded anchorage where you nose up into the trees. It's not too far off the ICW but far enough to avoid the tow lights at night. Later in the year it will be beautiful but for now it is almost a winter dead. There were lots of tiny bugs (don't think they were noseeums). The hatch netting , that I had made previously kept them from being a problem down below. This netting is recommended for even noseeums. It is available from Sailrite, of course, but much, much less expensive from an internet site -  Barre Arny-Navy Store online. It really works, too.

Bayou Petite Anse

March 13, 2005

Anchorage: N 29050.974, W091056.170 (approximate)

This channel leads to Avery Island where you can tour the Tabasco Factory if you want.  It is miserable as an anchorage. The channel is quite narrow and when the anchor rode plays out, you are on the other side from where you started. We settled for 3:1 and hoped there would be no traffic in the night. Unfortunately, the wind changed and picked up in the night. This pushed us into the mud on the band.

bulletICW Misadventure

Noname started dragging down on Escapades in the night. Of course he didn't know it until we got out the air horn. It was too dark and windy for a single-hander to reset it without the aid of a windlass. In the early morning hours Noname's anchor finally reset , About 10 feet from Escapades' stern, as shown in the photo above.

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