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March 20-April 3, 2005

New Orleans Municipal is still one of the best bargains available for ICW cruisers. We paid $0.31/foot and that included electricity. The facilities were acceptable and the long walk to them was part of the trade off. There is a delightful park across from the marina and the weather was pleasant enough to really enjoy it. We used the park to improve our (my) bike riding skills before setting off to provision.

Much of our time in New Orleans was spent finishing up projects that didn't get completed before our departure from Kemah. There was still time enough for some touring and for making our donations to the casinos. We were also able to enjoy having company. My sister, Betty, and niece, Charlotte, visited for several days. The girls toured and Bob enjoyed his time alone on the boat. Then friends, Bob & Jeannie, came over from Kemah for a great weekend.

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New Orleans Riverfront

This picture was taken from Escapade's deck. We were on the Mississippi River headed to the New Orleans Municipal Marina. What a relief it was to know that all the locks were finally behind us.


Jackson Square

The azelas were a little past their peak but were still plentiful and beautiful. The whole square had that special spring feeling.

Jackson Square

March 25-27

Betty & Charlotte's visit was a real treat. They are such fun and so easy going.

New Orleans Cemeteries

The many cemeteries in New Orleans are one of the best known sights there. Probably second right after the French Quarter. Betty, Charlotte & I walked through this one on a foggy, drizzley Saturday.

City Park

The weather was perfect for a strole around City Park. These swans were only part of the idealic setting. There were many large trees covered with Spanish Moss and of course there was water, water, and more water.

New Orleans Botanical Garden

What a delight this beautiful place was - at least for the girls. I don't think Bob was real thrilled by it (except for the train display) but he went along anyway. He's such a good sport.

The Train Display

This train display alone made the admission fee of $5.00 worth the price for New Orleans Botanical Gardens. Each section of the city was laid out amidst the natural plants. Bob felt he had missed nothing of the city since he could see it all right there.

French Quarter

April 1-2, 2005

How great it was to have Bob & Jeannie visit us. They were originally scheduled to leave Kemah with us on thier boat, Island Dreamin. Due to an accident they have been delayed by several weeks. We are taking it slow in hopes they will soon catch up with us.

The Gang at Pat O's

Bob, Jeannie and Bob. Sure makes it confusing when talking to Bob. Which Bob are you talking to? We've tried coming up with a distinction but nothing has stuck yet.

It was during Bob & Jeannie's visit that we heard the bells on St. Peter signal the death of Pope John Paul.

Rabbit Island

April 4, 2005

Anchorage: N 30019.006, W087033.249

Can't explain why I love this anchorage. It's the 1st one after leaving N.O. and the trains wake you several times in the night. There is just something about the abandoned oil derrick that makes it feel so special.

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