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New Bern, NC

June 8-July 8, 2005


We were able to pick up a slip for a month at the Sheraton Grand Marina ($274.15 + electric), in New Bern, NC. It was great to have land access for a while. The marina is in the middle of the Old Downtown section which is complete with quaint shops, one-of-a-kind restaurants, and the greatest hardware store we've ever seen.  Unfortunately, there is nothing in walking distance for the kind of things cruisers really need - grocery store, laundry, West Marine, etc. Our great neighbors, Kim and Carol on Crux, were so sweet and would give us a ride when we needed it. That, along with the rental car (Enterprise special for a week), and Bob's bike trips, we made it ok.

New Bern is a very cute, historic town. It is touristy but in a classy sort of way. It is the birthplace of Pepsi Cola, and home to Tryon Palace (reconstructed). Tryon Palace was built during the British rule and was regarded as the first government building in America. North Carolina frontiersmen took up arms in protest against its construction, which led to the battle of Alamance. This had special significance to me as one of my ancestors fought in that battle.

July 4 was a big event at Tryon Palace. They read the Declaration of Independence on the front steps of the palace.

We were able to visit the Alamance Battlefield. I cannot tell you how privileged I felt to do so. Reading the plaques was a very emotional experience. One of the monuments lists the Battle of Alamance as "The First Battle of the Revolution". The other monument has a plaque that tells of the twelve men that were taken captive and condemned to die for treason. Six were hung , six pardoned. My 5th great-grandfather was one of the six pardoned.

We also visited the cemetery that is believed to be the burial site of this ancestor. Now, I must tell you that looking for old cemeteries takes a lot of energy and determination. We had the general location but only by luck did we actually find it. We were in a different cemetery when we met a local who pointed to a clump of trees some distance away. We couldn't get there from where we were because of a deep culvert.  She told us to drive to a different spot and go through some pastures. Even with her directions, it was still hard to pick out which clump of trees she had pointed to. We parked the car and began walking through pastures. We trekked across what seemed like miles of tall, grassy fields before we found the right clump of trees. Being city folks, walking among the cows was very disconcerting, not to mention the fear of what might be in those tall weeds. As  we were coming back across the field a truck pulled up at the gate. It was the lady that had given us directions checking to see that we had found the cemetery ok. Sometimes people are just so great.

The rental car also allowed us to take a road trip to visit Bob's sweet Aunt Margie in the Ashville area. I am sure Ashville is where I need a home. The temperature was perfect and everything was so beautiful and green. We hope to go back in the fall for some fall color.

Other than that, our time in New Bern was spent on more unfinished boat projects, taking care of some medical stuff, and checking a little on real estate. The temperature was wonderful the first couple of weeks but in the third week someone opened the doors to hell. We were more than ready to leave the heat when our month was up and New Bern has been scratched off the "possible home" list forever.

Pungo River, NC

July 8, 2005

Anchorage: N35025.635  W76032.588

Unbearable heat, tons of mosquitoes but good holding.

Caught a really big fish or a big log. Whatever it was, it won the fight and I lost one of my pretty spoon lures.

Alligator River, NC

July 9, 2005

Anchorage: N35050.186  W76000.314

More unbearable heat. No alligators.

Broke the reel and messed up the line. Bob was able to fix the reel but the line is questionable.

North River, NC

July 10, 2005

Anchorage: N36012.264  W75056.338

More unbearable heat. Tons of crab pots.

Storm moved in bringing very strong winds and just enough rain to make it more unbearable. Anchor held though.

Lost another fish and the lure with it.

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