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New Bedford/Fairhaven, MA

July 28-August 1, 2005

Anchorage/Mooring: N41037.086  W70052.645

New Bedford/Fairhaven was a required stop for medical reasons. It was not a very accessible town even though there is lots of anchoring room outside the hurricane wall. The long dinghy ride to town was futile because we couldn't find a place to secure the dingy. That meant that we had to do something to get land access. Going into a marina would have been a desperate move.  Marinas in New England are outrageously expensive. The cheapest we've found is $2.00/ft and as much as $4.00/foot. Even though we are a 41' 7" boat, we have to pay for a 50 foot space because of the bowsprit and dinghy davits. Our next choice was a mooring, also expensive at $45.00/night. We were getting the Enterprise weekend special again, so we had to find a way to work everything out.

I decided to try my luck searching for moorings on the internet. I found a site called Mooring Exchange. It is just getting going and most all their moorings are in the Northeast, which worked great for us. By email I found a mooring off Pope's Island (between New Bedford and Fairhaven) for only $25/night or $125/week. They had no parking for the car and no dinghy dock but told us where we could find them at no charge. We love having internet access from the boat.

We hadn't expected so many lighthouses in Massachusetts.


There seems to be much to see and do in the New Bedford area but our time there was mostly spent taking care of things that had to be taken care of.  For sure, we'd like to at least see the beautiful old churches, the whaling museums, and the old-town waterfront area.

Even though we've said we have no schedule, we do want to make it to Maine before we have to start back south in September. We hope to stop again in New Bedford then.

We did make time to drive along Highway 6 into Cape Cod. We are not planning any "go ashore" stops there and this drive was an attempt to at least cover a little of it.



 Provincetown, MA

August 2, 2005

Anchorage/Mooring: N42003.194  W70010.158

This was a calm but not too scenic anchorage. It is somewhat exposed but the winds were calm so that made for a good night's sleep.


Gloucester, MA

August 3, 2005

Anchorage/Mooring: N42035.724  W70039.917

The anchorage in the outer harbor was not a great one. There wasn't a lot of movement but just an irritating rocking motion. We hope to return to Gloucester but will pick up a mooring next time. We didn't go ashore but did go in for fuel. Gloucester has the appeal of an old fishing village and really looks like a neat place to explore.

Gloucester was our last Massachusetts stop. We arrived in Isles of Shoals, Maine on August 4, 2005. On the motor sail there we caught our second "keeper" fish. It was a blue fish and man did it put up a fight. Bob really had to work to reel it in. We don't have scales to weigh it but it measured 23 inches.  Blue fish, according to Fishing for Dummies, is quite good if cooked the day it's caught. Again, I didn't really enjoy the eating but it was easier than the first time.

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