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Norfolk, VA
October 30-December 1, 2005

Marina: Waterside Marina, Downtown Norfolk

Our first two nights in Norfolk were spent at anchorage at Hospital Point. Waterside Marina had excellent winter rates but these rates didn't start until November 1. The cost to spend two nights at 1.35/foot/night would have been half a months rent at 5.00/foot for the month. Actually they didn't honor the $5.00/foot. This was the amount shown in their ad in the Cruising Guide and also the price we were quoted on the phone. When we went to check-in after securing the boat in the slip, we were told the $5.00/foot was the two-month rate. Since we were only staying one month, we would have to pay $6.00/foot. This was still a great rate but it is always disappointing when a business doesn't honor their word or advertising. It was also disappointing that they wouldn't prorate one more day that we needed to stay over. In fact, the cost was going to be $1.50/foot for the night, which is more than the high-season rates. So, we moved back out to the anchorage for the last night.

Norfolk was a time for doing projects and visiting with family & friends. Even though we knew that winter was looking over our shoulder, I had a real need for a family-fix. I flew to Little Rock to visit my brother and sister in Star City. I also had a chance to visit with long-time friends, Joe & Diane in Little Rock. Then I flew to Dallas to visit my daughters, son-in-law and grandson. It was so nice to have some one-on-one time with my daughters for the first time in a long while. My two weeks away were great but I was glad to get back to the boat. I know Bob enjoyed his alone-time but I think he was ready for me to get back too.

Sandy & Dave on Alexus II were in Waterside Marina and it was great to visit with them. A really great surprise was that Mark and Jane (former owners of Pegasus) drove down from DC one weekend. We had an evening of catching up and reliving our cruising times in 2000/2001. Alexus, Pegasus & Escapades all left Kemah about the same time in 2001. We would all rendezvous whenever we got the chance and we were able to buddy-boat a few times. 

Mark & Jane  cruised to Venezuela before coming back to the States, selling Pegasus, and buying a home in DC. Sandy & Dave sold the first Alexus after returning from Grenada. They now have Alexus II, a beautiful Leopard Cat. The new Alexus is also headed to the Bahamas and we hope to see them there.

Heading South to Florida

December 2-23, 2005

The trip south was a hard one. We mostly stopped at night but spent no more time than necessary in any given anchorage. The weather began turning cold long before we made it through North Carolina.

Anchorage in Beauford, SC

Duck-hunters in camouflage

The table below is just a list for reference. There was nothing really great to talk about at any of the stops. It sounds quite boring and that's what it was.




December 2-3, 2005 Great Bridge, VA Anchorage: Dockside Tie-up
December 4, 2005 North River, NC Anchorage: N36011.865  W075056.522
December 5, 2005 Alligator River, NC Anchorage: N35039.623  W076001.326

December 6, 2005

Pamlico, NC Anchorage: N35023.443  W076036.447

December 7-9, 2005

South River, NC Anchorage: N34056.822  W076033.493
December 10, 2005 At Sea We had waited 3 days for a good weather window before heading outside. The plan was to do a passage to Charleston, SC. The weather report was very wrong. What a surprise !
During the evening things turned real nasty. It was a rough, scary, all-night trip to make it safely back inside.

December 11, 2005

Wrightsville Beach, NC Anchorage: N34012.412  W077047.954

December 12, 2005

Battery Island, NC Anchorage: N33054.804  W078000.700

December 13-14, 2005

Barefoot Landing, SC Anchorage: N33048.038  W078044.712

December 15, 2005

Butler Island, SC Anchorage: N33025.575  W079012.392

December 16, 2005

Hamlin Sound, SC Anchorage: N32050.482  W079044.987
December 17, 2005 North Edisto, SC Anchorage: N32038.079 W080016.412
December 18-19, 2005 Beauford, SC Anchorage: N35025.729  W080040.722
December 20-22, 2005 At Sea This was a very uncomfortable passage. The motion was one of those real irritating motions. The first day it was annoying, the second day - extremely annoying. By the third day, I felt like crawling out of my skin. At one point Bob went out onto the bouncing deck to do something I thought was unnecessary.  I remember thinking: " I sure hope the Coast Guard is close by to rescue him because I'm going to be too busy finding a buyer for this damn boat".

Miami Beach, FL
December 23, 2005 - January 4, 2006

Anchorage: N25047.280  W080008.805 (one of many anchorages)

We spent Christmas and New Years anchored off South Beach. The anchorage was very rolly from all the speed-boats and jet skis. We moved to Key Biscayne for a few days but that was almost as bad. Plus, there was no land access there.

From the anchorage in South Beach it's an easy dinghy ride to a spot to tie up across from Publix Grocery. There is also a Walgreens and Office Depot in the same area. A few blocks walk will take you to the Lincoln Street Mall. This is a great area set up for foot traffic and it leads all the way to the beach. There are tons of shops and restaurants along the way. 

We hadn't planned to spend so much time in Miami but we were waiting for passports that we had renewed in Norfolk. They never came and the passport office doesn't know where they are; so we don't know when or if they will ever show up. We finally had my daughter, Sylisha, send a birth certificate from Dallas. So today, January 5, 2006, we are headed for Nassau.

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